Jean-Louis Egasse designed a house with artistic architecture which is very photogenic from many angles. These film, television, music video and advertisement projects have taken advantage of the unique style. If you have your own production in mind, please see our location listing.

Not all of these productions are available on-line. The student productions are rarely available and some of the other productions are either still in progress or not released. Only publicly available links are available here.


  1. March 21 – “DiverCity LA” – interview for Los Angeles NBC affiliate regarding Eagle Rock diversity. Interviewed were two long-time Eagle Rock residents: Eric Warren, President of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society and Doris Thielen, founding member of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society. David and Myanna were also interviewed regarding the house and living in Eagle Rock.


  1. March 25 – “Blue Apples“, (trailer), drama, short.  screenplay: Valeriya Matveeva, actresses: Valeriya Matveeva and Lisa ColeIndigogo
  2. April 9-10 – “Baby Blues”, drama, school project short, USC School of Cinematic Arts, director: Luying Zhang
  3. August 13-14 – “Blind Love”, Reality TV Show episode, Kinetic Operations
  4. December 10-11 – “Wind Up Toy” drama/fantasy, school project short, New York Film Academy Producer: Yunhong Guo


  1. June 14 – “Zoetrope”, drama, school project short (17:43 minutes), New York Film Academy
  2. June 24 – “Lemon Drop“, (trailer) drama, feature film. Director/writer: Stephanie Greenquist, staring Sammi Lappin, David Pinion, Paul Michael Draper. Produced by Stephanie Greenquist/Peridot Rose Productions
  3. June 27 – Music video for local goth/rock band ExSage
  4. July 10 – “The Offer – A Short Horror Film”, (watch), horror, short, Shadow Puppets Entertainment
  5. July 29 – “Hale & Garlic“, drama, school project short , New York Film Academy, director: Yuan Yue
  6. August 05 – “The Parting Glass”, (watch), drama/horror. Short film. Entry in LA’s 48 Hour Film Project, director: Benjamin Spiegel, Required Elements: Character: Austin or Ashley Cheevers, Winemaker (broad definition: anyone in the wine making industry, Prop: a wallet, Line: “We only have a few minutes.”
  7. September 18-26 – “Ouija House“, (trailer, Rotten Tomatoes; buy: Amazon, Walmart; rent: Redbox), horror, feature film.  Actress: Tara Reid, actress: Mischa Barton, actress: Dee Wallace, press: Entertainment Weekly, director: Ben Demaree, screenplay: Justin Hawkins and Jeff Miller, world premiere on May 5th at Texas Frightmare Weekend!, Wide distribution: September 4, 2018 release. Millman Productions
  8. October 27 – Online Christmas commercial
  9. November 18-19 “Say After Me“, drama, school project short film, USC School of Cinematography, screenplay: Luying Zhang, director: Luying Zhang, camera, J. Zhao, production design: David Dellinger
  10. November 20-22, “Magic Lantern” (trailer), drama, feature film.  Director: Amir Naderi, screenplay: Amir Naderi, staring Jacqueline BissetMonk Serrell Freed and Sophie Lane Curtis. A Runner Films Inc. production. Screenings: 75th Venice Film Festival 2018 (world premier), Tokyo Filmex.  Press: (English translation), (English translation),


  1. January 13Say After Me“, drama, school project short film (full day of pickup shots for 11/18/2017 production), USC School of Cinematography, screenplay: Luying Zhang, director: Luying Zhang, camera, J. Zhao
  2. February 17-18 – “Alice”, school project short drama film, USC School of Cinematic Arts, director: Ming Anne Geng, screenwriter: Ming Anne Geng, camera Chaochen Li
  3. February 22-24 – “The Green Apple”, drama, film school project short , New York Film Academy, Director: Carly Hong, Camera: Justin Ivan Hong
  4. March 31 – “Home Stay” (watch, 5:36), drama, film school project. USC School of Cinematic Arts, director: Chaochen Li, camera: Joshua Akin, screenplay Vivian Ip
  5. April 8 – “Benji”, short drama film, school project.  New York Film Academy, screenwriter: Brandon Koen
  6. April 22 – “Mine” (watch) (teaser), Alice Glass, music video, Loma Vista recordings production, featuring Violet Chachki, Directed by: Lucas David
  7. May 3 – “Fairy Tale“, drama, film school project short film, New York Film Academy, director: Fnu ‘Tris’ Wuyunqimuge
  8. May 6 – “Essere Amato” (Italian for “To Be Loved”) (trailer, trailer) (Indigogo), horror, short film.  Screenwriter/director: Bas-Tzion Beahan, starring Moon Unit Zappa, Amy Lyndon, Adam Nemet.  Beyond Ideas production.  Description: “A young and expecting mother suffers a horrific abandonment as she understands the cost of what it means to love and be loved.” — IMDb
  9. May 8-9 – “Home”, drama, film school project short, New York Film Academy, Yan
  10. June 4yOya, music video
  11. June 18-29 – “Portal” (rent, rent) (Review:, horror/thriller, feature film.  Director: Dean Alioto, staring Heather Langenkamp, Ryan Merriam, Jamie Tisdale, Myk Watford Release date: October 15, 2019. Description: “When an ambitious ghost hunter performs a risky ritual, opening a portal to “the other side”, he and his team quickly find themselves way in over their heads in a fight for survival against an ancient demonic force.” – IMDb
  12. July 7-8 – “Lost to be Found”, drama, film school project, New York Film Academy, director: Jingyi Yuan
  13. July 16-17 – “The Platinum Loop“, drama, crowd-funded (Indigogo, Kickstarter) feature film, director: Eric Fuldford, screenplay by Austin Williams, starting Max Faugno and Robert Riechel Jr.  Description: “The setting: Las Vegas, circa 1973. In a greasy spoon diner downtown, two men hatch a plot to make movie history—and we have a ringside seat for the action. Both humorous and tense, The Platinum Loop takes us deep into the glitter and the grime of Sin City’s now-vanished past.” — Kickstarter
  14. July 20, October 23 – “Wiped“, Crime drama, Netflix Original, director: Santiago Salviche, cinematographer: Pablo Diez, projected release: Spring 2019
  15. July 27-30 – “Emerald (The Movie)”, drama, feature film, director: Lara Diamond, producer: Morgan Macgowan, cinematographer: Luke Sargent, Description: “This is a story about a magical toy store owner in his search for love while he is unable to leave his store without destroying his creations.” — Morgan Macgowan
  16. September 11-12Fright Club, hidden camera reality, a Snapchat Discover Halloween series (two episodes)
  17. September 21-23 – “One Hundred Lonely”, drama, independent student film, USC School of Cinematic Arts, Director: Curry Tian, Producers: Victoria Zhang, Shicong Zhu
  18. October 18 – “SOLVE“, who dunnit interactive series. Season 7, episode 6: Who Killed Grandma?, New Media Series distributed on Snapchat, director: Erick Georgeson, camera: Mike Schmidt
  19. November 21,23 – “Buddy”, drama, short film
  20. December 4 – “The Platinum Loop“, drama, additional scenes for the crowd-funded feature film (see above)
  21. December 8 – “Lord of the Rentals | Hempwick’s Enchanted Items Shop“, Fantasy trade commercial for Texada, an equipment rental software product. Written by Justin Yngelemo, Director: Justin Yngelemo, Camera: S. Liljestrand. Here’s a quote from a blog, which roughly quotes the commercial: “Our shop is located beneath Dragon’s Aerie and just west of the Mines of Lorea, so we get hundreds of adventurers passing through every month.” –


  1. February 20 – Documentary interviews.
  2. March 24 – “First Snow”, drama, Independent student film, USC School of Cinematic Arts. Director: Jialan Lin, Camera: Fannong Li.
  3. April 4 – “Goldfish”, drama, Independent student film, USC School of Cinematic Arts. Director: Becky Chen, Camera: Becky Chen.
  4. April 22 – “SOLVE“, who dunnit interactive series. New Media Series distributed on Snapchat.
  5. May 6 – “The UnXplained“, documentary, to be aired on the History Channel, produced by Prometheus Studios, Inc.
  6. June 15 – “Higher Places“, short, BFA thesis project, Columbia College Hollywood. Director/writer: Elena Kolodziejcza, Camera: Adrian Sierkowski
  7. August 20 – (Corvette) 라비(RAVI) – STILL NIRVANA, Featuring 김하온(HAON) and Xydo(시도), Music video (watch), produced by Puff.
  8. August 31 – Music video
  9. September 15-19 – “Mailman”, a musical murder mystery, feature film. Baboon Baboon, LLC. Director/producer: Joseph Baken, Camera: Jake Magee, staring: Jack Plotnick, Joseph Baken and Lauren Burns.
  10. October 2-3 – “No Offense” (trailer), Official site. Political parody. Director/writer: Jerry Belitch. Twizztid Angle Productions. Release date: Monday, September 28th, 2020
  11. October 12, 19 – “Welcome”, Drama, short. Director/writer: Aida Gevorgyan, Camera: Max Pearce. USC School of Cinematic Arts
  12. November 1-3 – “Ring”, Drama. Writers: Max Corman and Surui Guo, Director: Surui Guo, Camera: Yuchan Deng. Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television
  13. November 9 – Director: Stephanie Greenquist, Camera: Travis Nelson. Peridot Rose Productions
  14. December 20 – “Another Mother”, Drama. Director: Anthony C. Ferrante, Camera: Damian Horan. ToolVox Productions.


  1. January 4 – “The Unxplained“, documentary, to be aired on the History Channel, produced by Prometheus Studios, Inc.
  2. January 15 – “Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton” (watch), music video by The Used
  3. February 8 – drama, Independent student film, USC School of Cinematic Arts
  4. March 11 – “The Unxplained“, documentary, to be aired on the History Channel, produced by Prometheus Studios, Inc.
  5. May 28 – “the Rebecca Zamolo Channel“, YouTube channel, YZ Productions.
  6. August 5 – (Corvette) “True Romance” photo shoot, USC Student Project
  7. August 14 – “The Devil Inside Me“, music video, Halocene
  8. August 21 – Documentary interviews, New York Times
  9. September 6 – “On That Road (Official Video)” (Corvette) music video, Warhol.SS
  10. September 17 – “The Holzer Files” series on the Travel Channel.
  11. September 18 – “Brainwashed” documentary (trailer)
  12. September 27– “Bedspell” (watch) Music video (home and Corvette), Zolita
  13. October 24 – “The Thief’s Daughter”, produced by Icon Media
  14. December 11-13 – “The Creature” – horror film
  15. December 16 – “I Hate Running” (Corvette) (watch) Music video, Number One Popstar
  16. December 19 – Series: “Very Frightening Tales“, episode: “Fortune“, produced and directed by Dale Fabrigar
  17. December 20 – “The Electric Man“, feature, science fiction drama, written and directed by B. Luciano Barsuglia, produced by Koa Aloha Media. “When Trace McNeil experiences a 12,000 volt shock, his life becomes a psychedelic blur of reality and fantasy in this science fiction drama.” –


  1. March 23 – “Present Day”, Student thesis project, Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television
  2. April 2 – “Christmas for Sale”, produced by Sarah Fisher
  3. April 10-11 – “Silence” student film, Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television
  4. April 13 – “Drop Concert”, produced by Office Hours Live
  5. April 17-18 – “Vodi” – Horror short film, directed by Nath Milburn, written by Luke Baker and Nath Milburn, produced by lil’ baker films, staring Chase Mullins, Alicia Blasingame and Brett Lawrence
  6. April 23 – “Bodies” – Co Cash, Music video
  7. April 30 – Music video, produced by Auntie Mamí
  8. June 11 – “Christmas for Sale”, produced by Sarah Fisher
  9. June 12 – Promotional production for a jewelry company
  10. August 2-4 – Interviews